Anaerobic Digestion (AD)


Utilising separation technology offers several benefits for digestate and slurry management: including reduced requirement for storage space, reduced odour output from the material, easier handling and transportation of the resultant separated fractions, reduced potential for localised environmental pollution and improved nutrient utilisation.

Founded in 1986 FAN Separator GmbH developed the first press screw separators, including the patented full floating screen technology employed in all FAN and Bauer PSS separators. As an established Fan/Bauer distributor, we can assist you to understand your needs and identify the correct solution for your site and specific materials.

On-Going Support & Guidance

In addition to specifying and supplying complete separation units and systems, inclusive of pipe work and control technology, we also stock an extensive range of separator spare parts including screens and seals and supplementary items such as hosing and valves, available for next day delivery.

We also have a fully trained, Fan/Bauer certified team of engineers who carry out annual maintenance servicing and checks as well as assist with any operational issues if they occur.

Moving & Mixing

FAN and Bauer also manufacture numerous pumping and mixing solutions for the movement of slurries. Enabling sites to, not only move material around site from process to process or to external satellite locations but also to maintain solid suspension, prevent layering and splitting and avoid crust formation. The pumps and mixers they offer cover a wide range of flow and distance requirements and there are options for both in tank and surface mounted solutions.

As with separation we can assist you to understand your sites slurry movement needs and identify the correct equipment for you along with any necessary ancillary items you may require.

Suited to Multiple Applications

In addition to the anaerobic digestion and biogas industries Fan / Bauer ‘slurry’ technology is employed and utilised across many other agricultural and industrial applications. Livestock, green bedding, food waste management, quarrying and paper processing are just a few.

AD Plant Servicing

With an in-house anaerobic digestate (AD) servicing team, Kiowa is well equipped to support you with keeping your AD separators in an optimal condition.

Whether it’s a full annual service or breakdown support our AD servicing team hold years of experience working within the AD plant sector,.

We work alongside leading AD plant part manufactures including Bauer & Fan, installing only genuine components; providing manufacturer approved servicing solutions.

Key to our clients AD plant operations success is our teams extensive knowledge of digestate handling best practices. Not only can the team provide scheduled servicing, but they’ll also assist with urgent breakdown faults, parts sourcing, & rapid remedial work.

AD Separator

Supporting our clients with AD supplies & servicing all year round.