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We make handling aggregates easy, with our abrasion resistant hoses.

Our aggregate hoses provide a good service life, with a unique construction ensuring an unmatched resistance to wear. We carry solutions that will handle anything from dry aggregates to abrasive slurry, designed with a focus on longevity and economic viability.

Industrial Hoses being used in a Quarry

Sand Plant Hoses (Click for details)

We recognise that by the very nature of what they handle, sand plants require hoses that can deal with extremely sharp sand classifications. Our sand plant hose solutions can process a wide breath of sands including, frac sand, plaster sand, foundry sand, glass sand, filter sand, sports sand, concrete sand, and mortar sand; we also have hose solutions for coal & gold.

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Sandblasting Hoses (Click for details)

One of the challenges our clients face with sandblasting is the objective conflict between needing to wear down the top-layer of a given surface, whilst preserving the integrity of the sandblasting hose’s inner lining. With the sand exerting pressures upwards of 100 psi, it’s vital the hose can withstand such extreme wall to wall impaction.

In response to this challenge, Kiowa offers specific sand blasting hose solutions, each lined with a leading anti-abrasion lining technology, along with a solid outer wall, designed for standard air compressor compatibility.

industrial sandblasting hose being used during a construction project

Quarrying Hoses (Click for details)

We support both quarries and their associated process plants, with quality hose solutions that can reliably support the extraction of aggregates including, Gypsum, Salt, Potash, Coal, Chemical Grade Limestone, Common Clays, China Clay, Kaolin, Ball Clays and Silica Sand.

With environmental concerns surrounding toxins from quarries leaking into the water table, we offer several quarrying specific suction hoses that are designed to safely extract and transfer both waste water and contaminated sediment.

We also provide hose solutions to support decommissioned quarry activity. This includes supplying hose assemblies for clean water filtration systems, that helps support vital non-profit work to turn disused quarries into nature reserves; plus, we can also provide hose assemblies to support canal and heritage projects with water & river bed extraction.

aggregates being processed at a quarry

Mining Hoses (Click for details)

We work closely with our clients in the mining industry to provide solutions that offer safe media extraction and sustainable hose longevity. Our range of mining hose assembly solutions help us to support mining activity in the following areas, fly ash waste dredging, coal slurries, ore, tailings, and civil aggregate products. Our mining specific hose range offers the perfect solution for dealing with the conveyance of aggressive media across poor terrain, with the hoses assemblies consisting of a smart weaving construction that provides enhanced abrasion resistance, along with excellent UV properties.

As part of our hose support operations in the mining industry, we also provide dewatering hose assembly solutions that are designed to carry abrasive slurry over long distances; vital for many mining contractors, in reducing costs. The dewatering hoses we offer work seamlessly with submersible pumping technology.

industrial & hydraulic hoses being used down a mineshaft
hydraulic hoses on mining machinery


industrial sandbalsting hose being used


Big bore material transfer industrial hose attached to plant machinery

Material Transfer

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Aggregates can be one of the most abrasive media to convey! For advice, talk to our experts!

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