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Our fully approved food safe hoses provide true client confidence.

Our food hose expertise is derived from years of practical client co-creation in food hose solutions development. Since Kiowa’s conception over 30 years ago, the food industry was one of the first markets Kiowa invested significant product development resources within. Since then Kiowa now leads on hose product innovation within the food industry, working with some of the biggest names in dairy, ready meal production, brewing, poultry and more.

Industrial rubber food hose transferring liquid food to a storage tanker

Food Plants (Click for details)

Kiowa works with foodplants across the UK to provide on-going hose support across the entire factory floor. From food production hoses to food transfer and storage, we hold a leading range of internationally renowned food hose solutions, developed in collaboration with our clients and Alfagomma.

We can support food production plants with hose supplies across both food and beverage production.

Our work in food plants extends beyond just human consumables, with regular hose supplies for animal food production factories.

industrial hygienic food hose inside food plant conveying liquid food

Dairies (Click for details)

Our work with dairies has seen us continue to support some of the UK’s largest dairy product producers and processers with their dairy hose requirements. We can support with udder suction hoses, storage to tanker transfer, and general diary product processing hoses.

Kiowa Hose Milk Production

Brewing (Click for details)

From hopper to hopper transfer to end product dispensing, our brewing hoses are suited to the varying demands encountered within brewing production. Through years of co-creation with our brewing clients, Kiowa continues to lead on brewing hose options that are custom designed for modern industry demands.

industrial brewing hose with stainless steel hygienic coupling inside a brewery

Bakeries (Click for details)

When it comes to industrial scale bakery hose support we offer food hose solutions for heat transfer, clean water transfer, and loose media (e.g. flour/icing sugar) transfer.

reinforced industrial pvc hose attached to bakery production line

Ready Meals (Click for details)

We support a broad spectrum of ready meal manufactures with hoses for both hot and cold ready meal production. With the media conveyed in ready meal production often putting additional strain on factory hose networks, we look to provide hose assembly solutions that can withstand the high pressures associated with blockages and gas build up.

ready meal production line

Fish Processing (Click for details)

Within the fish processing industry Kiowa support fisheries with the design and supply of hoses that can safely extract and deliver fish stock across farming locations. We also support our clients within the fish processing industry by supplying hoses for clean water delivery, water treatment, and sediment/fish waste extraction.

We’ve clocked up over 15 years of service helping offshore fish management companies by supplying hoses for trawlers, to help with onboard fish management, such as washdown hoses and hose reel systems. Further, we have also grown our scope to tackling dockside fish handling activities with tank transfer hoses and fish gut waste extraction hoses.

fish being extracted at fishery from alfagomma suction hose into the water

Food Transportation (Click for details)

Where poorly designed hoses and couplings are used in the conveyance of food media from factory to truck this can open up opportunities for harmful bacteria and contaminants to enter the food chain during the transfer process. To mitigate against these potential issues it’s vital appropriate sealed hose solutions are sourced. Kiowa works with it’s clients to create bespoke hose transfer solutions that are approved for internal and external food transfer requirements, such as milk tanker media transfer.

tanker driver connecting industrial food transfer hose to tanker lorry
man assessing food hose in food factory

Food Production

milk collection hose at farm filling dairy tanker outside main dairy building

Food Transportation

fish being washed down with industrial water delivery hose onboard trawler

Food Processing

food operatives connecting food transfer hoses to pump

Food Storage

bottles on production line

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