Asset Management

Hose Asset Support

We can monitor and maintain the longevity of hose assets within your business, thanks to our professional hose management services, ensuring you have a healthy portfolio of hose assets that can be relied upon all year round.

Hose assets can be a significant long-term investment for many businesses, with larger assemblies often costing £1000’s per assembly; with the correct maintenance, by using our professional hose management services, you can extend your hoses natural lifecycle.

Where low pressure industrial hose assemblies develop a fault we can often reuse existing parts of the assemblies to minimise unnecessary additional costs.

Official TODO Service Centre

We are an approved TODO service centre, skilled in servicing TODO’s vast array of dry-break couplings, our in-house engineers will strip the couplings right back and carefully revive each working component, ensuring the dry break function will remain unhindered for years to come.

The importance of using premium quality couplings, particularly for dry-break applications, has increased over time to protect both operators & the environment. Subsequently the paramountcy of regular coupling servicing has become a top priority.

Lonan Hose Portal

Our hose asset management portal provides easy tracking of all your hose assets and helps to ensure their maintained at regular intervals throughout their lifetime.

Any hoses our site service team work on will get logged on the Lonan portal, where clients can easily track issues identified, parts replaced & trace hose assembly lifecycles.

Lonan can also house all your test certificates & hose compliance records for site audits.

Let Us Make Your Hose Management Easier.