Chemical & Petrochemical

Ensuring The Careful Conveyance Of Volatile Media.

Correct hose transfer of industrial chemicals requires expert attention.

Our chemical conveyance consultants form a small team of industry experts, who have the knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the most appropriate hose solution for very specific applications. Kiowa works on granular detail, and also possesses direct access to a large research and development team of scientists and engineers for more unique assignments.

person attaching industrial petrochemical hose to underground tank

Chemical Production (Click for details)

We support clients with their chemical hose requirements across chemical manufacturing sectors that include consumer chemical production, pharmaceutical chemical production, construction chemical production and agricultural chemical production. Our chemical hose consultants are highly experienced in finding working hose solutions that can appropriately accommodate highly concentrated chemicals and solvents that are frequently encountered across the chemical sectors we support.

With the types of chemical media our clients manage varying massively we have developed several chemical production hose solutions that incorporate hose technology such as anti-static covers, and extra strength outer walls to support effective vacuum suction requirements. Kiowa supplies it’s clients with a broad mix of chemical liners including PVC and EPDM lined options, with braided walls available for extra strength under high pressures.

inside chemical production plant

Refinery Plants (Click for details)

Our refinery plant clients rely on us to support them with hoses for both oil refinery plants and natural gas processing plants. We are able to support clients with all parts of the refinery process including by-product transfer.

We can support clients with hose refinery process requirements for gas and oil burner connections, process line transfer, steam management, hydrocarbon drain hoses and many more refinery specific hoses. Our chemical hose range ensures we can supply hoses to convey the following refinery products: LPG, Petroleum, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Diesel, Fuel Oils and Coke.

industrial hoses inside a refinery plant

Port to Port Solutions (Click for details)

From years of past experience serving the chemical industry, we recognise the need to have complete hose assembly solutions that will provide direct links from one location to another, without daisy chaining the fluid transfer pathway, or having indirect and broken up chemical hose pathways to a given destination.

Providing port to port chemical hose solutions, ensures a quick and more reliable transfer process. All our chemical hoses offer seamless integration, and our chemical hose consultants can design chemical hose port to port solutions that reduce routing inefficiency’s and potentially dangerous pressure build up.

Red Delsin Hose

Storage & Transfer (Click for details)

We provide our chemical industry clients with hose solutions that facilitate the transfer of air, minerals, petrochemicals, organic & inorganic acids, ketones, paints, esters, and aromatic & aliphatic hydrocarbons. Whether it’s hoses for a chemical plant that needs to convey corrosive fluids or hot and toxic chemicals, we have reliable & safe chemical hose solutions to suit successful chemical transfer across a varied range of applications.

Our Todo dry-break couplings can be used in conjunction with the our composite chemical hoses during chemical storage and transfer activities, which by their very nature, often carry added risks to human and plant health, making dry-break couplings an absolute necessity.

petrol transfer industrial hoses coupled to tanker lorry
Lady processing chemicals in a chemical plant

Chemical Production

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Refinery Plants

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Port to Port Solutions

Chemical transfer hose attached to chemical tanker lorry

Storage & Transfer

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