Consultancy & Configuration

On-Site Consultancy

The on-site Industrial Hose consultancy services we offer include hose assembly suitability assessments, hose assembly health checks, and hose assembly failure diagnostics.

Our Hydraulic assembly consultancy services cover OEM advice and support, through to thorough assessments of Hydraulic Component & Crimping Machinery requirements.

When it comes to professional Reeling systems our hose reels consultants can assist with application suitability assessments, static prevention, and reel failure diagnostics.

Hydraulic Hose Consultant reading specsheet
Industrial hose Client advisor on phone at desk

Virtual Consultancy

As a fast paced and technologically reactive firm, we recognise the importance of ensuring our consultancy services can be utilised wherever you may need us.

All of our in-house consultants have received extensive training and support to deliver a personalised online consultancy experience.

All our virtual consultancy sessions are delivered through Microsoft Teams, providing a secure and reliable digital space to quickly provide real-time advice & support.

Industrial Hose Configuration

Want a hose assembly that you can rely on? Our industrial hose consultants can help design assemblies to meet your exact requirements.

We recognise that a balance between functionality and economic viability must be struck; which is why we will build you a bespoke solution that meets your budget.

Thanks to close collaboration with our parent company and Kiowa’s in-house manufacturing arm we can create bespoke assembly solutions; whether it’s conveying drinking water, abrasive materials, chemicals, or nuclear waste we will have a solution.

Industrial Hose design being reviewed on computer
Hydraulic hose assembly routing design being mapped on paper
Hydraulic Hose Configuration

We work closely with a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers to design bespoke Hydraulic solutions for their products. From Tractors to Trains we can help design & supply a fully integrated Hydraulic solution, on a one off or reoccurring basis.

We can create Hydraulic assemblies to be suited to specific applications and environments. From assemblies that use SuperTuff covers, multi spiral braided construction for extreme pressures to quick release solutions for multiple delivery needs.

For optimal safety & reliability, our hydraulic assemblies use only fully integrated parts.

Hose Reel Configuration

Our Reels consultants bring an extensive amount of commercial reeling knowledge to Kiowa and it’s clients. Designing reeling systems that work requires appropriate expertise.

From manually operated to large scale engine operated and geared reeling systems, Kiowa has a wealth of experience designing custom reeling solutions across a wide array of industry sectors.

Whether your looking for a single bespoke reeling solution to deliver fuel safety to a plane or 100’s of the same style of reel for a large commercial portfolio, we can assist.

Kiowa stainless steel food safe slow retraction hose reel in food factory

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