Hydraulic Hose Solutions

Custom-Built Hydraulic Hose Solutions

Kiowa produces hydraulic hose assemblies for all manner of requirements. From simple single hydraulic assemblies to complex large scale hydraulic assemblies, we can help design & build fully tailored assemblies to fit your exact requirements.

All our hydraulic assemblies use fully integrated components, made by leading Hydraulics manufacturer Alfagomma. This ensures all our hydraulic assemblies are of the highest quality, providing leading safety and longevity; hydraulic systems you can rely.

As part of the Alfagomma family, we have access to the latest Alfagomma innovations including Minetuff & Supertuff high-abrasion covers and the all-new Alfabiotech Evolution range, with an unprecedented bend radius, a remarkable 60% improvement on ISO 18752 and SAE 100 requirements on.

Alfagomma AT3K R17 Hydraulic hose assemblies with steel fittings
Alfagomma hydraulic hose kits with valves,  connectors & quick release couplings

Quick install kits, for fast Hydraulic Hose Solutions.

We produce tailored hydraulic kits containing hose, fittings, adaptors, and other hydraulic parts, servicing often complex and intensive machinery requirements, making installation easier and less costly for our clients.

Using hydraulic kits helps ensure your only buying what you really need, and also reduces confusion amongst line operatives & stores staff for OEM production. Our hydraulic kits provide an easy to install option, that ensures business can save time, money & specialist labour.

Using hydraulic kits, helps ensure your only buying what you actually need, and also reduces confusion amongst line operatives & stores staff when attempting to install hydraulic products.

Custom Configuration for Specialist Hydraulic Hose Solutions

Where standard assemblies might not be appropriate, we have the capacity and the capability to source hose and fittings for almost any application. We can advise you on the materials and specifications required, ensuring that you get a hose assembly most suitable for your application and budget.

Our custom hydraulic work can include anything from hydraulic assemblies that contain multiple interconnecting manifolds & hoses to entire bespoke routed hydraulic systems, for more unique applications, in energy infrastructure, rail, transport infrastructure & much more.

We can also produce specialist hydraulic designs for extreme climate/environmental applications, including; submerged hydraulics, fire resistant hydraulics, freeze resistant hydraulics, anti abrasion hydraulics, shrapnel resistant hydraulics & excessive pulsing hydraulics.

Hydraulic hose assembly with multiple manifolds & sleeves using Alfagomma hose
Uniflex S3 hydraulic crimper with hydraulic crimping dies
Self-Assembly Hydraulic Hose Solutions: Crimpers, Cutters, & Dies

We can supply a broad range of Hydraulic assembly equipment, with the range offering equipment suitable for both commercial & self-assembly applications.

Crimpers can be supplied in both 1 & 3 phase power options, and we also offer power drill operated & manual hand pump powered crimping options. All crimpers can be supplied with various die packs, to ensure you have all the sizes you require to correctly crimp various Hydraulic hose fittings. Our crimpers work with most major hydraulic brands, including both Alfagomma Hydraulics & Gates Hydraulics.

Cutting through or attempting to skive hydraulic hoses manually can be a very dangerous and laborious practice. Instead, we offer several high powered hydraulic cutters, ranging from occasional use cutters to industrial constant operation hydraulic cutting machinery.

Excellent Hydraulic Support At Your Fingertips.