Hose Reel Solutions

Slow Retraction Reels

The slow retraction hose reel technology we offer provides seamless reeling that reduces wear on the hose and reel rollers, whilst protecting the operator and surroundings from snap back injuries. All slow retraction reels come fitted with an adjustable gearing system, which can be set to manage and control the speed of the reels retraction. The auto rewind functionality works effortlessly to correctly recoil the hose, whilst the lock function is designed to respond to forward motion, holding the hose at the operators desired dispensing length. Our slow retraction range comes in both stainless steel & hi-visibility options. We can also provide anti-static & food safe options, serving various pressures, hose sizes, & mounting options. Note: We also provide several hose reel accessories.

Kiowa hose reel, stainless steel slow retraction & powder coated hi-vis slow retraction
Large kiowa manual rewind hose reel with 360 degree roller guides & powder coated finish

Manual Rewind Reels

Manual rewind reels can be ideal for most ground mounted applications. An economical but effective option for small to medium bore hoses, many of our clients use manual reeling solutions for outdoor & indoor applications, such as fuel or water delivery. All manual rewind reels are designed to be easy to operate, offer smooth rotation and uninterrupted dispensing & coiling, thanks to the 360 degree roller guide. Manual reels can be supplied to withstand a variety of pressures, and environments, with high resistance to corrosion. Whether your wishing to convey acidic chemicals or drinking water, the manual reels range offers several options to suit almost any requirement.

Constant Tension Reels

During machinery operation, the paramountcy of an effective constant tension reel system can be the difference between success or failure of safe and reliable operations. We provide a carefully selected number of consent tension reels, that we know offer uninterrupted operations, across a broad range of machinery.

Constant tension reel fitted to industrial crane arm mounted on a lorry
Large bespoke fire hose reel assembly with blue Layflat hose & manual rewind handle
Bespoke Reels

Working with some of our key industry partners, over time, Kiowa has developed a strong and reliable process for producing bespoke reel solutions.

With bespoke reels being constructed from scratch we are able to meet almost any requirement. Whether it’s a militarily grade solution, a reel that can be suspended 100ft in the air, or hose dispensing solutions for major offshore hose lines, we will have a solution.

During initial consultation, our in-house reels consultant will make a thorough assessment of your specific requirements; from here, they will then work with our internal teams & external partners to produce a tailored reeling solution; we can also service custom reels.

Engine Driven Reels

For large reeling requirements, we can provide self-propelled reeling products. These reels can also be designed to dispense multiple hoses at once. We service requirements for large reels across all industries, providing both one off & single supply to our clients.

Engine driven reels are ideal for reels with a diameter that exceeds 1 metre. They also work well where the hose weight is double that of the hose reel drum, or where the hose length exceeds 30 metres in length, or 3 inches in internal bore size.

All engine driven reeling solutions can be adapted to include variable speed settings, custom roller guides, easy move forklift entry points, & multiple hose housing sections.

Bespoke engine driven trailer mounted hose reel with blue layflat hose fitted

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