On-Site Services

Hose Testing

Similar to our in-house testing services, our site-service teams can perform a range of on-site tests on your industrial hoses, checking their general health & reliability.

We work with clients across a multitude of sectors, usually testing the health of their hose assets every 6 to 12 months, dependant on the hoses application & time in service.

Many of our clients rely on our remote hose testing services, to ensure as little downtime as possible to the business assets their hoses support. Whether it’s a fleet of tanker lorries , hoses within high security docksides or a single hose you need support with, our teams are here to support you, wherever you need them.

Layflat fire hose being tested by kiowa industrial hose on-site engineer
kiowa employee checking industrial hoses for damage & wear

Hose Health Check Surveys

Keeping on top of your hose assets can be really important in ensuring operational safety & efficiency amongst your hose assets. Our hose surveys follow a stringent compliance assessment, to ensure during audits your hoses are entirely compliant with the latest regulations.

After every hose survey we conduct, you will be supplied with a comprehensive report, outlining the projected longevity of your hoses & any remedial maintenance required.

Hose Servicing

The intensity of our hose servicing program varies massively, due to the applications & environments differing so greatly across all the industries we serve.

From inspecting, dissecting, & lubricating the inner components of your hose assemblies to complete part/s replacement, our site service teams are equipped with the professional resources required to safely & promptly provide advanced hose maintenance servicing.

One of the key benefits of drawing on our hose servicing program, is the enhanced mitigation of potential fluid escape & associated injury’s to operatives. Adopting strict hose servicing routines can reduce the financial burden of replacing entire assemblies.

kiowa hose engineer performing on-site industrial hose testing in the rain
Inside a bin stock room full of hydraulic fittings at Kiowa sleaford
On-Site Bin Stock Management

We have a dedicated team of stores managers, who work across our client sites on a weekly & monthly basis replenishing stock & analysing usage, feeding back to our central teams, to ensure clients always have access to the necessary hose resources they require.

As part of our bespoke hose management packages we can offer bin stock management services at no additional cost, reducing the headache for our clients of managing their on-going replenishment requirements.

All our bin stock supplies come directly from our UK sites, ensuring you always have access to correct & internally approved components.

Commercial Truck – Fire Extinguisher Servicing

We can service all your commercial vehicle fire extinguishers, ensuring they remain ready for action should the worst happen. We can also supply & replace damaged or expired fire extinguishers, stocking a large range of specifically designed solutions for vehicles.

To make things easier for our clients we devise tailored servicing schedules that we can ensure coincide with other scheduled maintenance work we may be carrying out for you. For traceability, we also provide clients with digital records of all work we’ve carried out.

fire extinguisher in commercial truck

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