Testing & Certification

Industrial Hose Testing

Our hose testing facilities allow us to safely test hoses up to three times there maximum rated working pressure, ensuring that once in service, they will last for years to come.

As an industrial hose supplier built upon an outstanding reputation for industrial hose quality & reliability, hose testing ensures your new hose will be fit for it’s intended application.

If you have ever experienced high-pressure hoses bursting under fluxing pressures, you will be aware of the real & significant threat burst hoses can pose to operatives. We encourage every one of our clients to choose either batch or mass testing.

Alfagomma Chemical 509 16 bar s&d industrial hose being pressure tested
Kiowa employee testing industrial hoses on test rig at Kiowa sleaford

Longevity & Safety

Testing hoses in advance ensures your hoses’ lifetime value can be fully optimised. Testing assemblies prior to installation is both paramount for safety assurance, to meet industry best practice.

Industrial hose test rig pressure control panel

Pressure Test

Our test rigs allow us to test hoses right up to 280 bar/6000psi. The pressure tests provide our clients with the reassurance our hoses can be safely relied upon, once installed at their premises.

Industrial hose closed flange fitting steel testing caps


Increasingly auditors require evidence that hose assemblies utilised within an industrial setting are safety assured. Any hoses we test are recorded & logged virtually ensuring full traceability.

Industrial hose certification

Industrial Hose Certification

Industries are evolving, and standards vastly increasing, with external bodies now, more than ever, concerned with approved & compliant hose assembly construction.

To mitigate complications surrounding the source, design, & assured reliability of our hose assemblies we now provide enhanced certification that satisfies the most stringent audit assessments, going above & beyond standard requirements.

Industries are evolving, and standards vastly increasing, with external bodies now more than ever concerned with approved & compliant hose assembly construction.

Hydraulic Hose Testing

Our hydraulic hose testing facilities allow us to safely test both single hydraulic hoses & entire assemblies with each of our branches testing up to 240 hoses on average per day.

Thanks to the size of our hydraulic testing tanks, we can test hydraulic hoses up to an internal bore size of 3 inches, a length of up to 60m, & pressure test up to 25,000 psi.

Our bespoke testing facilities, located across the UK, mean we can also perform hydraulic manifold testing, hydraulic pressure relief valve testing & integrated assembly testing.

man testing hydraulic hose on test rig
Hydraulic pressure gauge & Alfagomma loose hydraulic fittings


Hydraulic assemblies can be one of the most lethal industrial products when constructed incorrectly, from oil injection to hose whip lash, the paramountcy of testing has never been greater!

hydraulic hose testing facility control panel

Pressure Test

Our hydraulic testing facilities mean we can test entire hydraulic assemblies up to 25,000 psi. Our enhanced facilities, ensure we can test even our highest rated hoses to 4x their working pressure!

Alfagomma AT3K Hydraulic hose assembly

Install Ready

By utilising our hydraulic testing facilities you can be sure your assemblies will be ready to go, relaxed in knowing that your new hydraulic set up will provide safe fluid handling for years to come.

hydraulic hose certification
Hydraulic Hose Certification

Our extensive & thorough testing processes ensure we can provide full hydraulic hose certification, that holds firm amongst auditors & associated external bodies across the UK.

We are also long standing members of the British Fluid Power Association, helping to demonstrate our commitment to best practice within the industry.

Hose Safety is Our Priority