Water (Clean/Waste)

Keeping the water industry flowing.

We provide unrivalled hose support to clients across the water industry.

We work across the breath of the water industry supporting clients with a broad range of requirements, such as; dredging reservoirs, clean water transfer, sewage extraction, flood & fire management, & crop irrigation.

emergency flood pumps with big bore water suction hoses attached

Clean/Drinking Water Transfer Solutions (Click for details)

We can provide several options when it comes to clean/drinking water safe assemblies, with many of the hose assembly options we provide being fully compliant with the UK’s regulatory drinking water safety standards. We also provide support with clean/drinking water safe hose reels, from small wall mounted options to industrial sized engine driven reels.

From running hoses over ground during water mains breakdown or scheduled maintenance work, to supplying clean water for livestock and crops, we work with our clients to provide water hose assemblies that will serve your enterprise for years to come. We also provide single hose assembly solutions to the events industry & temporary facilities/amenity sites.

Industrial engine driven hose reels fitted with layflat hoses

Waste Water Management (Click for details)

Kiowa works with clients to provide hose assembly solutions for waste water management within areas including, sewage plant hoses, transport/tanker waste hoses, highways drainage maintenance hoses, slurry extraction & distribution hoses, lake & pond dredging hoses, public transport toilet waste hoses, and many more.

pvc suction hose removing waste from drain

Flood Water Management (Click for details)

From Layflat water delivery hose assemblies to rigid water suction rubber & PVC hoses we can provide several reliable & economical hose assembly solutions to help manage flooding. From supporting major environmental management organisations to small independent businesses, we’re able to quickly assist with your flood management hose requirements.

various fire hoses with storz couplings extracting water from flood

Fire Brigade Water Management (Click for details)

Correct water management, when it’s comes to emergency service responses, can be an absolutely critical necessity. Our clients rely on us to provide hose assembly solutions that can be used in a variety of environments, and that are guaranteed to stand up to the job in all conditions.

With a range of fire service hose assemblies, couplings and accessories we work with fire brigades across the country to supply effective and robust hose solutions, with instantaneous coupling options and lightweight easy pack away Layflat hose assemblies, rest assured, we have the knowledge & experience to provide you with excellent fire hose assembly support.

fire hoses fitted with storz couplings inside a fire engine
sewage plant birds eye view

Sewage Plant

engine driven trailer mounted bespoke hose reel fitted with guider roller & layflat hose


pvc suction hose attached to pump extracting waste from mains sewer

Mains Water Management

red layflat hose with storz coupling pumping out water from a property flood

Flood Management

Several water delivery industrial hoses across reservoir bank

Water Assembly Options

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flexible big bore water delivery and suction hoses

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