Creating Bespoke Hose Solutions.

The strong OEM partnerships we hold stem from a commitment to quality excellence in hose supply.

Our work with original equipment manufactures spans several sectors. The hose projects we support include all manner of custom industrial and hydraulic hoses. From pre assembled hydraulic kits to bespoke hose reel assemblies, our hose expertise continues to see us serve OEM clients from across the globe.

hoses on robotic factory OEM equipment

Rail OEM Hose Support (Click for details)

We work closely to support several Rail & Tram manufactures across the UK, with their hydraulic hose assembly requirements for new and existing vehicles. Our global reach provides our clients with hydraulic hose resources wherever their factories may be located, whilst ensuring consistency in quality and assembly design.

hydraulic hoses inside train carriage

Claws & Cranes OEM Hose Support (Click for details)

Kiowa can provide hydraulic assembly support for claw/swing loading machinery and industrial cranes. Whether it’s entire machine assembly kits or individual hoses we work with clients to construct bespoke hydraulic assembly solutions for your specific requirements. We have also recently introduced Alfagomma’s new range of BioTech Evolution hoses to the UK, which are designed to deal with the high pressured hydraulic applications associated with effective and reliable claw and crane operations.

large crane

Military OEM Hose Support (Click for details)

Working with the globe’s leading Hydraulic brand Alfagomma, we continue to provide both industrial and hydraulic hose support for military machinery.

hydraulic assemblies on military truck chassis

Marine OEM Hose Support (Click for details)

We work with both major shipping lines and private individuals to provide support with new vessel fuel hoses, waste suction hoses, clean water drinking hoses, and marine hydraulic support. With most vessels being custom builds, we work with yacht and ship manufactures to develop new innovative hose assembly solutions, that, due to the versatility of our operational capacity ensures we can accommodate one of and batch orders.

boats in warehouse being restored
train having hydraulic hoses fitted


claw digger with hydraulic hoses

Claws & Cranes

hydraulic hoses on military truck


ship in dock being built


Plant Machinery OEM Hose Support (Click for details)

Every year we support plant machinery manufactures covering all areas of the industry. Whether it’s excavators, cranes, or dumpers designed for land, sea or road rail, we have the ability to supply hydraulic assembly solutions for any type of plant machinery. We also manufacture and supply custom KFLEX engine hoses, for fuel, oil, gas and air.

newly built diggers with hydraulic hoses

Turbines OEM Hose Support (Click for details)

With turbine hose support increasingly becoming more complex, we have developed a range of hydraulic assembly solutions that are appropriately suited to modern turbine requirements, across both wheel and rota designs in the power plant and wider energy production industry. Taking into account the importance of sustainable more environmentally friendly hydraulic practices, we have a number of environmentally conscious hose solutions, which are highly desired in the renewables industry in wind turbine manufacturing.

turbines being built with industrial & hydraulic hoses

Waste Collection Vehicles Hose Support (Click for details)

Whether your manufacturing bin lorries, road sweepers, skip lorries or gully sucking trucks, we hold the necessary expertise and capacity to support your business with both industrial hose and hydraulic hose requirements. Due to the nature of waste collection. we often support clients with regular fulfilment of replacement suction and delivery hoses for road sweepers and gully sucking trucks. We also have the capability to design and manufacturer KFLEX bespoke hoses and hose assemblies that are completely unique to a specific vehicle.

road sweeper with big bore KFLEX industrial rubber hose

Farm Machinery OEM Hose Support (Click for details)

A large part of Kiowa’s original heritage stems from the support it’s founders provided to the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry. Over Kiowa’s 30+ year history, we continue to support agricultural machinery manufactures with their production requirements, supplying both industrial and hydraulic: tractor hoses, combine hoses, telehandler hoses, trailer hoses, sprayer hoses, and seeding equipment hoses. Many of our farm machinery clients rely on us to create and supply on-going hydraulic assembly kits that are pre assembled and ready to install onto the build, saving time.

tractor on production line with hydraulic hoses installed
newly built diggers with full hydraulic assemblies fitted

Plant Machinery

turbine production facility


road sweeper cleaning street with hydraulic hoses & industrial big bore hose fitted

Waste Collection

tractor unit on assembly line having hydraulic & industrial hoses installed

Farm Machinery

hoses being fitted to engines on production line
Under 72hrs

Average Fulfilment Time

30+ Years

Time Serving The Industry


Full Certification


Batch or Mass Quantities

hoses being used in production facility

As a leading OEM partner we process the capacity & capability to quickly react to both small & large hose requirements.

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