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Hose solutions that will operate at all temperatures.

Our chiller & boiler clients rely on our extensive hose expertise.

From rental chillers & to rental boilers, Kiowa’s ability to identify and reconcile chiller & boiler hose related requirements has led to it’s prestigious global reputation for hose excellence within the chiller & boiler industry. Catering to a vast range of temperatures, liquids & gases, our industry approved Alfagomma hoses will reliably support your chiller & boiler rental operations for years to come.

Large industrial chiller using flexible hoses

Rental Chillers Hose Support (Click for details)

With more rental demand for rapid chiller system installations, in collaboration with some of our existing clients, we have co-created easy install temporary chiller hose solutions that can quickly be installed when required for emergency and scheduled chiller rental assignments.

With a changing technologies, increasingly we are supporting a rise in client demand for more chiller hose assemblies, to support rental chiller operations within locations such as pharmaceutical plants, data centres, hospitals, chemical reactors, injection moulding factories , commercial offices, cold storage & chilled logistics centres, and for chiller event hire requirements.

We can supply hoses to support the following temporary chiller products: General Chillers, Low Temperature Chillers, Fast Large Volume Chillers, Chilled & Hot Air Handlers, Heat Exchanges, Heat Pump Chillers, and Industrial Air Conditioning Units.

portable industrial chiller

Rental Boilers Hose Support (Click for details)

We’ve been supporting the boiler industry with boiler hose supplies for over 15 years, supplying hoses that can handle input media including, gas, oil, and hydrotreated vegetable oil, as well as hoses that can handle boiler output media including hot water and steam. Whether it’s hoses for wall hung or floor standing units, single or cascade, we provide our clients with quality boiler hoses that are designed to deal with commercial high pressure boiling systems.

With our hoses designed for high pressure output environments that are commonly associated with commercial boiler functions, we help clients with their boiler hose needs across both the public and private sector, supplying boiler hoses into hospitals, hotels, schools, swimming pools, factories, warehouses, offices, aquariums, zoo’s & other large public buildings.

portable industrial boiler
industrial liquid & gas hoses inside commercial chiller unit

Chiller Rental Hose Support

steam hoses inside commercial boiler rental unit

Boiler Rental Hose Support

Industrial pvc & rubber hoses inside chiller rental unit

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