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400LE Evolution Food Grade Hose

418LE Milk Collection Hose

Universal Application

The 400LE is designed to handle a variety of hot and cold food substances, including: liquid food, alcohol, and milk. The hose is also comfortable handling animal fats and vegetable-based oils, and is ideal as an all-rounder for multi-faceted processing environments.

Top Hygienic Performance

With a white synthetic rubber inner linear the 400LE provides market leading protection against food contamination and bacteria build up. The hose takes just 30 mins to be sterilised safely at 130℃, and is fully compliant to the UK’s FDA standard.

A Robust Design

Designed to operate under the toughest environments, the 400LE is equipped with a synthetic rubber blue cover, that’s both abrasion and ozone resistant. High tensile cords and a steel inner helix provide good suction rigidity whilst still offering a malleable bend radius.

food example of hose material

The Alfagomma 400LE can handle a range of food substances: from hot to fatty foods, it’s ideal for suction & delivery.

Mark Broad

Food & Beverage Lead

150 PSI

Working Pressure

-40°c to +120°c

Operating Temperature

7 Sizes

From 1 to 4 Inches

450 PSI

Burst Pressure

400LE Evolution Data Sheet

417LE Fatty Food Grade Hose

418LE Milk Collection Hose
food example of hose material

Crush Resistant

The 417LE is well suited to high traffic environments where hoses may be subjected to regular movement and manual handling. With the hose designed to recover from impaction it’s ideal for busy yards or loading bays, and provides both longevity and a great ROI.

A Fully Tailored Solution

Fatty foods are notoriously difficult to handle and require a friction free linear that will prevent build up and contamination. The 417LE comes equipped with an NBR white linear and can handle temperatures from -30℃ to +100℃.

Excellent Suction & Delivery

With an embedded PET helix the 417LE is capable of reliable suction and delivery with a working pressure of 230 psi. Used for a range of food factory and brewing applications the hose is quick to connect and disconnect making it an ideal solution for transient food movement requirements.

The Alfagomma 417LE is specifically designed to comfortably handle the conveyance of liquid and bulk food fats.

Mark Broad

Food & Beverage Lead

230 PSI

Working Pressure

-30°c to +100°c

Operating Temperature

4 Sizes

From 1 1/2 to 3 Inches

700 PSI

Burst Pressure

417LE Data Sheet

418LE Milk Collection Food Grade Hose

418LE Milk Collection Hose

An Industry Approved Solution

Now used by some of the largest UK players in the dairy processing industry: the 418LE is a leader in its class, that embodies the perfect formulation of quality & operability; co-created in collaboration with our existing dairy processing partners.

Crush Recoverable

The dairy industry provides a tough working environment for milk processing hoses, which is why we’ve developed and integrated a unique crush recoverable technology, that helps mitigate against downtime and unnecessary asset loss.

Uninterrupted Operation

With quick connection hygienic couplings and a lightweight composition the 418LE Milk Collection food grade hose has been proficiently engineered to allow for constant operation, with the option to also incorporate a helix guard for improved handling.

Quality Like No Other

Stainless Steel Hygienic Fittings

Standing out from the rest: the 418LE food grade hose supersedes its predecessors with a range of tailored hygienic fittings (RJT, IDF, SMS, DIN & TriClamp), enhanced to optimise bacteria prevention, eliminating milk contamination & fat build up.

Ozone & High Abrasion Resistance

The 418LE food grade hose can withstand significant exposure to the southern sun; a design that stems from Italian excellence in hose design. The rubber cover compound offers advanced durability that’s highly resistant to drag friction heat and abrasive surface dairy processing environments.

Anti-Shock Technology

The whole premise of using flexible hoses for milk transfer over rigid solutions supports enhanced usability and safer conveyance at high pressures. Incorporating Alfagomma’s anti-shock technology ensures the 418LE remains malleable in fluctuating pressure scenarios.

A UK Specific Solution

Food Safe Liner

The 418LE also boosts a leading NR/EPDM liner formulation; Robust enough to repel conveyed bacteria and cleaning chemicals, preventing liner permeability; a design that stems from Kiowa’s dairy industry collaboration, co-created with Alfagomma’s in-house scientists.

A Phthalate & BPA

In protecting milk from potentially toxic plastic contaminants our milk hose assemblies are completely Phthalate and Bisphenol-A (BPA) free. This is a significant advantage for safer sterilizing ensuring the hose lining can be safely heated to 110°c without risking BPA leaches.

Fully Tested, Traced, & Certified

Over the last 10 years, standards within the milk processing sector have become increasingly stringent. To ensure our customers diary operations remain complaint all Kiowa’s milk hose assemblies undergo extensive testing, with full certification & production trace/tracking marking provided.

Kiowa Hose Milk Production

The Alfagomma 418LE is a leader in it’s class, with versatile capabilities for the toughest dairy environments.

Mark Broad

Food & Beverage Lead

150 PSI

Working Pressure

-40°c to +80°c

Operating Temperature

3 Sizes

From 2 to 3 Inches

450 PSI

Burst Pressure

418LE Data Sheet

Alfagomma 47200 Food Grade Hose

719AA Bulk Material Hose Assembly

The Alfagomma 47200 is a universal hose solution for handling alcoholic beverages & liquid food.

Mark Broad

Industrial Hose Lead

30 to 225

Working Pressure (PSI)

-5°c to +60°c

Operating Temperature

3/8 to 6

Bore Size (Inches)

50 to 70

Vaccum (%)

47200 Data Sheet