Stainless Steel Hose Reels

Stainless Steel 304 Series

Manual Rewind Hose Reel
Manual Rewind Hose Reel


Designed to serve a range of industry requirements, the 304 series is designed specifically for the safe handling of water (hot/cold), air, diesel, & oil. Easy to clean, and highly resistant to the elements, this hose reel acts as the go to, mainstream, reeling solution for UK industries.


The drums auto latching mechanism and fully integrated slow retraction technology prevent dangerous hose whip back, during dispensing, operation, & recoil. For true, straight rotation, the drum comes mounted on a specially crafted, robust, Nylon hub.


Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel this reeling system is guaranteed to provide superior resistance to wear. With top-down adjustable roller guides and ribbed side rollers operators can now easily manage hose dispensing & retraction with ease.

food example of hose material

The 304 series is the go to reeling solution for major UK industries, due to it’s universal application.

Ian Brown

Hose Reels Lead

3000 PSI

Working Pressure (Upto)


Drum Options

12 to 35

Hose Capacity (m)

12 Months

Warranty Period

Stainless Steel Data Sheet